Just came back from Collective Con

I just returned from Jacksonville, Florida’s third annual Collective Con. What did I find?

Pro- For a small show, calling it a Con is a stretch, it did have a decent mix of vendors. Some of the artists and crafters were very good. Most everyone; vendors, artists, and staff were both friendly and willing to deal.

This was a major cosplay event. Every forth person was in costume and some were very good. IMG_0098

Graham Mactavish, who portrays the Saint of Killers from the TV show Preaher was present and accommodating to fans.

Cons- Small size at a large cost- $25 per person per day. Yes, they did have a prepay service, but you had to pick it up at a will call tent which still had 100 people in line an hour after in opened, where as I walked up, paid, and walked right in in less than 2 minutes while the other line had not moved.

Parking- $10. I didn’t like that I had to pay, but it was well organized.

For $35 I saw every booth (twice) took some pictures, bought a few things and was done in one hour and 45 minutes.

The location was OK, but a bit dated and cramped. This main room was designed as an old school banquet and dance hall, not for people in costumes roaming narrow aisles.

Also, they had three of the big autograph signers cancel at the last minute, not their fault , but it was not explained until after you paid.

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