Just returned from Megacon in Orlando, Florida! This has become a fantastic annual event and it was bigger than ever. The cosplay at Megacon is fantastic. I would swear that almost 40% of all the attendees were in costume.

The mix of vendors was very appreciated, as was the unexpected surprise of comic dealers who not only brought western comics, but they brought a lot of them and were generally willing to make deals. The Holy Grail Comics booth was especially well organized with two long boxes of high quality westerns and great prices. I even found Australian, Spanish, and Mexican Western titles; a rare occurance at modern shows.

I will post cover shots of some of the finds soon.

Western Title Spotlight


Crackajack Funnies began in 1938 and featured Tom Mix for the first seventeen issues, as well as his sidekick Wash Tubbs. It added Red Ryder as seen here on the cover of #9. Cowboy star Buck Jones also made an appearance in several issues. All of the titles covers were great looking and very colorful, even when it switched to mainly telling the tales of The Owl, a sort of Batman knock-off. It ended in the middle of WWII with issue #35.